Korikori ~ Luelue mai ~ Busy Bodies

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Finalist, Best Children's Album, 1998 NZ Music Awards. Learn songs in Māori as you keep fit to these exercise & fitness songs.
Presented in three languages: Māori, English, Samoan
This CD offers a variety of movement activities and musical styles. Also includes instrumental tracks for extended usage - 24 tracks in total. Activity notes, with lyrics, translations & movement ideas, available below.
Korikori ~ Luelue mai ~ Busy Bodies celebrates our South Pacific identity. The music provides three activity options...

1) Movement and Fitness.
The music is designed to facilitate a balanced range of movements. The warm-down is a creative dance piece on the theme of birds.
Teachers: though instructions are given during the music, space is provided to add your own.

2) Learning Māori.
Many children learn better through movement. Hook into the movements in your own language then find out how easy it is to learn as you move with the same music in a new language.

3) Music Appreciation
Young children learn by doing. Songs in this programme teach musical concepts like pitch, beat, rests, and time signatures, through 'moving with the music'.

Duration: 33.30

Side One (Maori)
1. Korikori                   
2. Kori Tinana
3. Kei raro i te Papa 
4. Hiteki e Piu Harapa
5. He Aha te Mahi Māku?
6. Whakatopa

Side Two (English)
1. Busy Bodies           
2. Exercise
3. Down on the floor  
4. Hop Skip and Gallop
5. What Action Will I Do?
6. Fly Away

"It's a pretty cool recording, with a drum's 'n' bass groove underpinning the lyrics, that goes well beyond the usual simple tunes and basic rhythms of kids' music. Well worth checking out if you like your music a bit funky."
Little Treasures Magazine, Aug / Sept 2000.



Price: $19.99 including GST